Unified Core

Enterprise Enabling Backbone


The Clinical Collaboration Platform can work as an enterprise imaging platform with a unified back end, and it can also work in a fully deconstructed manner. The internal structure is deconstructed, so that any Carestream component can be replaced with a third-party component if necessary.


Unified Core


The Clinical Collaboration Platform provides standards-based data capture, management, archiving and distribution for imaging data across the healthcare enterprise. The unified core is the backbone that enables this enterprise-wide imaging and associates all the data for each patient with a single patient record. This imaging data can be easily integrated with the enterprise’s EMR/EHR, and extensible modules provide access to images, videos and waveforms within a clinical context that’s relevant to each stakeholder across the continuum of care. The unified core manages imaging workflows – such as acquisition, interpretation and reporting, distribution, and communication – and is agnostic to data formats and transfer protocols. The result is a manage-anywhere, access-anywhere imaging environment for your entire enterprise, including remote locations, telemedicine providers, payers, patients and more.


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